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Ross Hunter

When it comes to finding words to describe Ross Hunter, founder and owner of One Degree Consulting, words like passionate, profound and innovative spring to mind. His larger than life personality complements his vast experience and knowledgeable in business, having forged a track record of success throughout the mining, real estate and corporate industries. His journey to becoming one of the nation’s leading authorities on leadership, has been one of challenge, motivation and dedication, with a series of life lessons along the way.

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The world of sales

After a successful mining career of red dust, searing heat, dump trucks and greasy overalls, Ross embarked on a change of scenery into the world of real estate, arriving with a clear vision to become one of the controlling forces in the property sector.

Having established a firm foundation in leadership on the mines, Ross quickly adapted and refined this knowledge into the world of sales, working closely with buyers and understanding client motivations. It was here that Ross began to understand the importance of taking control and leading with deals, transactions, negotiation and business relationships.

An auctioneer is born

When the opportunity of becoming Franchise Development Manager for Harveys Real Estate in New Zealand knocked on his door, Ross took the opportunity to move out to the land of the long white cloud. His 12-month “sabbatical” became a 15-year journey of success as an owner of a major real estate group, as well as a key member of the auction procurement team, developing his knack for high level auctioneering, calling thousands of successful auctions.

It was here that Ross began to understand the crucial importance of setting a strong example as a leader in training, encouragement and nurturing staff to set, achieve and excel in their own visions.

Filling the void

It was then in 2011 when Ross began yet again another chapter in his career, selling up his business and moving to Perth to build a business focused on his core passion, leadership. With a belief that there was a notable void in both business development and leadership, One Degree Consulting was born as a culmination of Ross’ experience, passions and achievements.

One degree at a time

To this day, Ross has helped an array of businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand, driving business growth, momentum and results one degree at a time. When you work with Ross, you will benefit from his genuine passion for helping people, as well as his robust integrity, vibrant personality and innovative forward thinking.

Meet Ross

At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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Ross is the type of business leader one comes across only occasionally. Not only has he had significant success in his own career, but he is able to impart his skills to others and assist them in reaching their full potential. He relentlessly focuses on what is possible and works hard to create productive and mutually beneficial relationships. I recommend him most highly.
- Joan Withers (Former CEO - Fairfax NZ)

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