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Our Strategy and Development program includes an all-inclusive strategic plan with a clear central focus around our Five Element program, which covers an array of dimensions to ensure identified growth targets are planned, measured and achieved. The program is designed to cover a series of elements, which drill down into the full process of planning, implementing and measuring strategies to drive success. Due to the structure of these elements, the program requires a 12-month commitment to ensure all deliverables are met.

At the early stages of the program, we recommend a retreat-style planning workshop (usually spanned over two days and one night) for the leaders of the company to begin engaging and committing to the program. This promotes a clear sense of vision and purpose shared throughout all key members of the management team, whilst encouraging a creative environment free from distraction, where ideas are both encouraged and promoted.

Once the plan is set, we recommend monthly or bi-monthly board style meetings to determine the project list, accountability and measurement of all planned activities, whilst creating a scope for the next round of projects as identified in the 12-month plan.

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In order to have a clear future growth strategy, we must employ a laser-focused strategy and specific navigation points to help guide us towards set goals and future vision. Much like the directional bearings on a standard compass, we work with clients to determine a crystal clear focus around four main areas of; Vision, Values, Purpose and Goals. This is a key component in deciphering the ever-important “why we do what we do” consideration whilst ensuring it is matched to our goals.



Essential to all businesses and professionals is an annual growth strategy. It clearly defines a set of goals and benchmarks from which to measure success. Once defined and in place, the strategy is used to hold relevant parties accountable for achieving the growth targets, whilst ensuring purpose and motivation towards set goals. We focus on understand growth and managing change, whilst learning how to balance sacrifice and reward throughout this stage of the process.


Business Layers

Creating clarity around roles, responsibilities and purpose is what business layers is all about. Whether or not you are operating a small team or a large organisation, there will always be the need for structure and matching key staff to dedicated roles. We aim to clearly identify the “who” the “what” and indeed the “why”, to instil a work culture of owning tasks, exceeding expectations and delivering excellence. We focus on systems, management styles and leadership strategies to help inspire teams and bring visions to life.


The How

We work with businesses to strategise on the most efficient and creative ways of taking conception through to inception. Through a multitude of experience throughout various industry, we help identify the best ways of bringing plans to life through targeted and proven strategies, unique to each and every business we work with. We centre this stage around careful consideration of non-negotiables, managing expectation and ensuring accountability when it comes to knowing your numbers.



A plan is only as good as those who implement it, and through this final stage of the process, we ensure that plans are being actioned and deliverables are being met. We aim to identify a synergy that brings together the full process, where results begin to appear and routines, schedules and practises are solidified. We look at what makes a “healthy business” and what constitutes a positive work/life balance, with smart investments of both time and money to provide the lifestyle you desire.


Meet Ross

At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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Ross has helped us achieve strategic outcomes for the Realmark network of offices, through shifting mindset and fostering the infield practical application of concepts, practices and tactical priorities.
- John Percudani (Managing Director - Realmark Real Estate Group)

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