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Throughout years of experience across a multitude of industries, we have garnered experience in the areas of leadership, strategy, business development and growth strategies. Exclusive to our clients, we enjoy being able to pass on this knowledge through formal presentations for professionals and businesses of all sizes.

Having the right attitude and mindset is a powerful thing when looking to take your business to the next level and our tailored presentations are designed to help build the right frame of mind to be able to plan and manage sustainable growth. More than just speeches, our presentations help motivate professionals to increase their efficiency and to target new business goals in a bid to push for a more profitable business in whichever industry that may be.

With proven strategies and results over many years of engaging employees on both personal and professional levels, this is one part of our service offering that constantly sees clients blossom into the best professionals they can possibly be. Throughout many years of expertise delivering presentations and keynotes both locally in Australia and throughout the world, we collate targeted content to match your organisation. We work closely with our clients to match our subject matters to each scenario, ensuring we address essential areas to instil robust messages and motivations to bring out the best in every organisation we work with.


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At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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Change | Growth requires change - what elements require changing to facilitate growth?

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The One Degree Consulting Auction Training Programme attended by the agents of Edison Property delivered all the technical processes such as, Methodology around Sales, Auction Objectives, Seller & Buyer Management and much more. But even more importantly, it was inspiring, factual, relevant, emotional, entertaining, and refreshing. Well worth the investment and a great day.
- Pasquale Cianfagna (Managing Director - Edison Property)

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