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One Degree Consulting offers a complete end-to-end training program that focuses on the complete life-cycle of auction methodology from start to finish. Our unique program differs to most in the market due to the level of detail that we go into for each step in the auction process, enabling all delegates to fully grasp all components in both a technical and practical sense.

We found there was a limited knowledge base in the auction space, which led to us creating the only fully accredited Auction Training Program designed to be an on-going resource for sales professionals to embrace the wonders and excitement that the auction world offers.


Auction Training Program graduates will attribute 7 CPD points and upon completion, will be left with full confidence that they are able to offer auctions to vendors as a part of their ongoing marketing service offering. This program is suited to sales professionals who seek to understand the key philosophies and theories behind making the most out of the auction selling process.

In what can best be described as one of the most successful methods of achieving desired sale prices, within a four-week marketing campaign, auctions have become one of the most popular methods of modern day property sales. See below for the full list of program chapters.

Why auction

Covering a clear analysis of what an auction is, how they work and why they are a benefit to sellers, buyers and sales professionals. We look at the benefits of auctions and analyse why they are seen as an effective way of going to market and securing the desired sale price.

Winning the business

We focus on how to present auctions to sellers as a preferred sales method. This includes careful consideration of dialogue, overcoming objections and using graphical tools to enhance your chance of securing an auction listing.

Seller management

A key component of the process is the ability to manage your seller in line with what the market is dictating. This chapter looks at clear communication strategies, conditioning techniques and disciplined structure that ensures no surprises and clarity around each stage of the process.

Buyer management

Equally as important as managing sellers, is the ability to manage your buyers throughout the auction process. The chapter focuses on managing buyers into bidders on auction day, through careful consideration of dialogue and conditioning which leads to successful bids and results under the hammer, as well as both pre-auction and/or post auction sales.

Auction day

When it comes to auction day, it’s not just another day, it’s show time! We explore the ways of maximising the brand awareness for your company on auction day, as well as how to leverage the auction culture to promote market awareness and hype around the property.

Meet Ross

At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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The One Degree facilitated Auction Program is without equal in WA when it comes to learning the correct and successful processes of auction sales. The training not only allows for the delegates to learn about auctions, but also delivers a process which can be instilled into private treaty or tender sales, in essence, this program delivers efficiency to apply to all aspects of your real estate business.
- Matt Travia (Director - Thought Leaders Real Estate)

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