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The Power of Habitual Routine

An inordinate amount of my time is spent working with people on creating a business platform that removes the tragedy of inconsistency, replacing it with a business that has a strong “rhythm” or “cadence” that is without question, the platform every business requires.

Habitual routine is all about creating an environment that prepares you to execute your plan, albeit whether that plan is for the next minute, hour, day, week, month, year, or even lifetime.

If we don’t build a habitual routine, we are living a life based on hope, and as I always say;

“Hope is never a great strategy”.

Habitual routines give you an edge around what you can control, versus what you cannot control, as well as your competitors, your colleagues (disruptive ones), economies and any element that can impact on your performance.

What’s the reason?

Habitual routine is a non-negotiable sequence of who you are and how you operate.

Look around you, see how many people you know have little structure let alone routine to their day. Then look at their performance, it will mirror what you see.

Then take note of those who are succeeding, morphing their vision to life. Each day has purpose. Purpose demands routine.

During the course of this year we have surveyed hundreds of people and discovered on average that people are spending only a third of their day in high dollar productive activities. Two thirds also say they lack structure to their day.

These results reinforce the power of habitual routine.

If these same people simply flipped these results (to a third of the day with no structure and two thirds of the day with habitual routine) their results will mirror that change.

So, in the face of sounding boring…

Adopt a routine to your business/life each day that ensures you are doing the same things at the same time, with a strong sense of purpose each day, and you’ll discover how effective habitual routine can be in your world.

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At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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