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How important is it to have a Crystal Clear Vision?

Not a day would pass without thinking about either my own Vision, or discussing Vision with someone, albeit in my personal or professional life.

More often than not, confusion, or lack of clarity as to what a Vision truly is, or apathy to why a Vision is needed, dominates the conversation. Time to create some clarity as to what and why having a Vision is so paramount in achieving your desired outcome.

We live our lives using “apps” and without doubt, one of the most used apps would be the Maps tool. We can use it to travel the globe, to explore a new city, and to navigate with sheer confidence.


Because the Maps app can only work when you lock in a destination. Only then can the app serve its purpose in helping you towards the outcome you’ve planned for. The same concept can be applied, both in business and life in general.

A client recently gave me a Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus – a treasure trove of inspiration, especially when you’re digging for the meaning of a word like Vision, which could pop for you and give the relevance you need to create your own.

Some of the synonyms of the word Vision; perception, concept, daydream, fantasy, idea, foresight, imagination…just to name a few. These provide us with an abundance of clues of where to begin when creating a Vision that could change your life, even the world.

We’re surrounded by brave people’s Visions which have manifested into reality. Many have changed the way we live. These are ordinary people who have dared to dream and inspire others to help them make that dream a reality.

In Huon Hooke’s biography “Max Schubert Winemaker” – a man who re-defined the palate of a nation – it is best surmised when he says, “the book pays tribute to a visionary, who during the period when table wines were for plonk-dots, winos and fairies, he reset the benchmark for achievements in Australian wine.”

Max Schubert is the man who created Penfolds Grange – a wine that changed the taste buds of the world, and it would never have been if one man had not dared to have a Vision which challenged what is, and outlined what could be.

I surmise with my definition of a Vision, here goes…

“A Vision is the collaboration of your hidden dreams and aspirations, which don’t often find the light of day, for the belief you are not worthy of the manifestation this Vision would bring to your world.

A Vision is your true North. All journeys must have co-ordinates to ensure we are navigating toward a specific destination.”

– R. Hunter

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At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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The One Degree Consulting Auction Training Programme attended by the agents of Edison Property delivered all the technical processes such as, Methodology around Sales, Auction Objectives, Seller & Buyer Management and much more. But even more importantly, it was inspiring, factual, relevant, emotional, entertaining, and refreshing. Well worth the investment and a great day.
- Pasquale Cianfagna (Managing Director - Edison Property)

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