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If you’re doing something unique and wonderful, people will find you.

I was recently watching a Netflix documentary called Chef’s Table, highlighting a restaurant in Melbourne called Attica, a world top 50 I might add. On the show, Matt Preston, the enigmatic food critic, was asked how a restaurant, amongst many, located off the beaten track, could attract so much success and following. His response was simple…

“If you’re doing something unique and wonderful, people will find you.”

The craziness of the world we live in, peoples’ insatiable need to be noticed and famous overnight, is an obsession that has pulled people from being authentic and honest to who and what they really are.

We think the person that screams the loudest will be the person who finds the riches of success, an epidemic that is failing, leaving many potentially great people devoid of experiencing the satisfaction of what true success is.

I often get frustrated with business leaders building a veneer that screams “We are amazing – we are the choice business to engage with – unless you do business with us you will miss out”, yet once you scratch the synthetic surface, the promise of greatness is filled with the reality of despair.

Maybe the time to revisit what is really unique has come. In a world that is full of so much noise, perhaps stealth/silence, backed up with an amazing client experience, is where the magic of success truly lies.

Is your business really doing something unique?

Is it being authentic to your Purpose which will lead to your Vision?

Or is your business just a carbon copy of other like businesses and you’re trying to get market share by being the loudest? Chances are it is.

Maybe it’s time to re-think what it is that makes you and your business unique. Do it with integrity and the market will find you.

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At the helm of One Degree Consulting stands Ross Hunter. Having forged a successful career in mining, real estate, leadership and strategy, he now works with businesses and professionals to help them thrive and prosper.

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Ross is the type of business leader one comes across only occasionally. Not only has he had significant success in his own career, but he is able to impart his skills to others and assist them in reaching their full potential. He relentlessly focuses on what is possible and works hard to create productive and mutually beneficial relationships. I recommend him most highly.
- Joan Withers (Former CEO - Fairfax NZ)

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